Reshef Security

Reshef Security [1993] Ltd Provides Technological security solutions, physical security services and managing complex logistics projects.
Reshef security has established a national earthquake early warning system that serves Israeli Railway Company, for emergency brakes in case of potential damage for railroad tracks in case of earthquake.

Its clients include the largest bank branches in Israel, Telecommunication companies, National park association, and Local government offices, Solar and Gas companies. Ministry of education and many more.
Reshef Security provides and design installation of variety of technologic equipment for major companies and for the private sector in Israel. Our control room provides 24/7 monitoring for various businesses, Government sites and thousands of private clients all across the country.


M.G.A.R is a leading supplier of services for the municipal sector in Israel.
M.G.A.R was chosen by over 100 municipalities and local water utilities to manage their income departments and other additional services.


UrbanGym builds smart-connected outdoor fitness parks (or transform existing ones!) for smart cities.

We enable cities to provide their citizens with game-changing fitness experience by utilizing innovative connectivity, sensor, and video technologies.

Letter By Click

Letter By Click (from Be’eri Printers)
Hybrid mail production and delivery system.
Send letters by post directly from your computer

Code ilan ltd

The director of the municipal gardening and tree care department is required in his daily work to deal with trees in the urban space. The work requires a system for managing the trees and treating them after careful review and individual treatment of thousands of details in the most professional and comfortable manner.

“Code Ilan” knows how to take care at this complex task from the beginning of the reviewing the trees in the urban area, through the supervision and control of the department manager and the supervisor in the field, and up to the actual work of the arborist on the ground.
With an emphasis on preserving the history of tree care over the years and “breathing” control of the organic system


Mehalev – The Israeli Center for Accessibility, Safety and Quality of life is a one stop shop for consulting, supplying and installation of solutions disabled people. Mehalev supplies advanced technologies and high quality devices, with best service and guarantee, to public places.

Mehalev is the owner of Step Hear – The Israeli company for technology of navigation and orientation at the public area for low vision people. Step Hear supplies solutions also to traffic lights, public transportation and automatic doors.

Parking 38

Parking 38- Parking Solutions for Urban Renewal
Parking38 has set itself a goal – to provide a solution for the parking problem, which has become one of the most challenging challenges in urban planning, municipal renewal and TAMA 38 projects, offices, warehouses, factories, parking lots and more.


Ctconnect is a bidirectional, fast and simple communication channel between City Hall and citizens.
Ctconnect is a one stop shop that gathers all citizens services in one place

Simplex Mapping Solutions

Simplex Mapping Solutions offer the world’s highest resolution realistic 3D mapping, for city size scale. We offer global services that include automatic mapping of a city within weeks
and provide web based viewing tools for urban management, planning and valuable analytic tools for assets development and monitoring.

Simplex 3D maps also become the basis for all city-related planning, intelligence gathering, emergency responses, crisis-simulation scenarios, and an information framework for command and control (C&C) reference.

Israel postal company

Members of the universal postal union
Largest retail chain in the country
Largest last mile provider of e-commerce packages (Ebay, ali express, amazon and more)


Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, constantly raising connectivity and collaboration demands. With its vast industry experience, MTS enables enterprises to maximize ROI on their communication investments and enables providers to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace by providing leading edge technology solutions and services.


Arica was founded in 1931 by Yehuda Arica. The company specializes in product design and manufacturing for urban environments and public areas.
Our company includes an in-house studio, where we plan and design unique and innovative products that enhance urban architecture and embrace current urban trends.
The studio works in unison with our team of engineers, who plan our products and assemble them on-site.


Fibran Kadima 1987 manufactures and markets playground equipment as play systems for parks and public playgrounds, fitness and sports system, street furnishings
Sheds and pergolas.
All of our products adhere to the strict Israeli Standards Organization Standard including stringent quality control processes

Ofek Aerial Photography

Ofek Aerial Photography is the largest company in Israel, and one of the leading companies in Europe, in the field of aerial surveys, satellite imagery and geographic applications.
The company owns three aerial photography airplanes with state-of-the-art mapping sensors that enable to acquire wide range of images: vertical, oblique and 3D.


ALON GROUP was founded in 1974 and for more then 40 years has been developing and manufacturing
Sanitation and equipment.

As the leading sanitation equipment company in ISRAEL ,ALON GROUP is responsible for the manufacture and
Supply of services including :underground waste collection systems ,waste compactors ,refuse collection vehicles ,waste containers’
Waste transfer stations ,recycling solutions and many complex and comprehensive solutions.
All of our unique solutions are specially adapted to the client’s specific needs.


Radio ,Realtime Critical Audio and Video , Radars ,Satellite and C4I Solutions.


Cadenza has developed the world’s first all-weather outdoor concrete piano intended for use in public places.
It is built to thrive where people congregate in rain and shine. The pianos infuse outdoor spaces with beauty and creativity while inviting the public to partake in the magic of music.

Palram Industries Ltd

Palram is a global leader in manufacturing extruded thermoplastic sheets, architectural panel systems and finished consumer products. The sheets, manufactured mainly from Polycarbonate and PVC, are designed to suit a diverse range of applications in various markets: DIY, construction, architectural projects, sign and display, agricultural, glazing, and fabrication


Nova-Sens Smart city solutions
From Sensor to Mobile App
NovaSens provides cities with the next generation of services and products that will make them smarter and more accessible. The full range of the Company’s products includes development and adaptation of sensors, a wide range of solutions for transfer of information, urban parking solutions, cloud storage and advanced applications for end users

ABA Science Play

ABA Science Play develop and establish new science playgrounds for public interest and welfare.
In these scientific playgrounds, children are given approximately 60 different types of information about science, which include different physical laws, information about the universe and recycling.

The Information is transmitted via light and sound presentation while playing, which enhances the experience and encourages children to act.

Bidud Plus

Bidud Plus- all “No dig” (NDT) technologies and products for the field of water and sewage pipeline maintenance. From its inception to nowadays, “Bidud Plus NDT” serves an important part in the rapid developments that are occurring throughout Israel in the field of NDT or “no dig” sewer and water pipeline surveys and repairs.


Our company provides sanitation services to local authorities, garbage removal, pruning, recycling and cleaning streets, supply of tayote vehicles.
A leader in its field, owns a fleet of state-of-the-art vehicles.

Among our clients: Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality, Modi’in Municipality-Maccabim-Reut, Hadera Municipality


ZenCity is a platform for understanding people in the city on a wide scale. We provide local governments and other stakeholders with a view of city-scale citizen feedback by aggregating millions of interactions from social media, city hotlines and other sources, classifying them with unique AI-based algorithms to map topics, trends, events and sentiment, and sharing it all back with decision makers in real time.

All of the analysis we do is anonymized, and has the ability to show what are the topics that people are talking about (late buses, break-ins, schools, waste management etc.), identify the sentiment of the discussion, and even recognise peaks and changes in the routine in order to alert officials.
We are currently working in many cities in Israel and Europe (including major cities like Tel Aviv and Paris) and have recently deployed in first cities in the US.


Readymix concrete products (Israel) ltd. Is a fully owned subsidiary of CEMEX – a global building and infrastructure materials company that provides high-quality products and reliable service to customers and communities in more than 50 countries throughout the world.

We, at Readymix, are committed to maintaining high standards in manufacturing processes and to protecting the environment by finding solutions for waste storage, based on a strict level of development in order to protect the environment and groundwater.


Nisko was founded in 1978. The company imports, manufactures and markets electrical products and electronics. The company’s range of products provides a professional and comprehensive solution for home use, public infrastructure and industrial use.
All electrical products are of the highest standards of quality, innovation and reliability.

Nisko’s quality products, logistic layout and synergetic value are an example of the Israeli initiative spirit. Today, Nisko’s electrical products provide a superior solution for entrepreneurs, engineers, architects, contractors, professional builders and private customers alike.
As a dynamic company, Nisko combines innovative ecological technologies with science-based products, planning and implementation. These provide an inclusive solution to the increasing and ever-changing requirements of the Israeli electricity and electronics market.

Hochberg export ornamental plants LTD.

About us- world leading company in propagation , growing , and breeding ,Ornamental Nursery stock garden plants.
We offer innovation, High quality, tailor made solutions for our clients.
Our main export markets are west Europe and North America.

Time To Know

Time To Know is a global pioneer in the field of digital teaching and learning technologies.
By using our innovative digital tools, we offer a platform for better teaching, learning and student evaluation and propose a learning
experience which is both empowering and meaningful for students and teachers alike.

Time To Know offers a unique system for producing real-time analysis reports of up-to-date pedagogical information according to the relevant needs of each level of instruction: teachers, coordinators, school principals and municipalities.
Following our vision to impact the education ecosystem in Israel, we continuously develop a variety of innovative products for primary and secondary schools.

United Hatzalah

United Hatzalah of Israel is the largest independent, non-profit, fully volunteer Emergency Medical Service organization that provides the fastest and free emergency medical first response throughout Israel. United Hatzalah’s service is available to all people regardless of race, religion, or national origin.

United Hatzalah has more than 4,000 volunteers around the country, available around the clock – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With the help of our unique GPS technology and our iconic ambucycles, our average response time is less than 3 minutes across the country and 90 seconds in metropolitan areas. Our mission is to arrive at the scene of medical emergencies as soon as possible and provide the patient with professional and appropriate medical aid until an ambulance arrives, resulting in many more lives saved.


BLITZMOTORS was founded by a young and passionate entrepreneur striving to accelerate the urban vehicle transition to sustainable transport.
Today BLITZMOTORS has become a recognized leader in the global electric urban two-wheel revolution.
Our successful beta in Israel includes customers like: Domino’s Pizza, Post, McDonalds, Pizza Hut and many more.
We offer our services to local municipalities looking for green transportation solutions for their local needs with our high end electric motorcycles.

Gil Tayar Sand Supply & Playground maintenance LTD

Gil Tayar Sand Supply & Playground maintenance LTD was established in 2005 in order to provide our clients with one roof in which to receive a full and complete response to all their needs in planning, execution and maintenance of gardens and playground facilities and playgrounds.

The company controls the whole chain of execution from the planning stage – meticulous and creative characterization, through the stage of executing the project in all its components, until the maintenance of the project, long after the various components are available to provide quality of life and smile to the population in order to preserve its high quality of life.


Muvix is bringing significant innovation to the media and entertainment and film industries. We are creating new growth engines for municipalities and other businesses/venues. Our patented technology enables any municipality/business location (indoor/outdoor) to instantly become a smart Cineplex of its own. Cinema Anywhere™ – the Muvix cloud based platform offers Video Content as-a Service (VCaaS) for on-demand screening of multiple content channels (movies, TV shows, sports, live concerts and more) in parallel, in any public place and time.

The platform implements our Personal Soundtrack™ patented technology, which allows viewers to listen to the soundtrack in a language of their choosing and in perfect synchronization with the video displayed on any large screen by simply using their smartphone and headphones. Using the Muvix app, viewers can also order and share tickets, invite friends and like-minded people for social watching, order food and drinks at a click of a button, receive notifications of upcoming events and more.


Felder – nof Ltd. offers you its expertise in perfectly suited natural and synthetic lawns for use in sports facilities and well maintained public parks. Our service includes initial preparation of the infrastructure, grass planting, and ongoing maintenance and treatment. We use the latest and most advanced machinery and tools and place our focus on professionalism and high standards.


Patrol-IT is an innovative solution for the management and monitoring of a mobile workforce in real time.
The system provides an ideal solution for various verticals including guard tour control, cleaning and maintenance of facilities, Inspections , pickup & delivery and more.

The system is cloud based, user configuration and monitoring are performed on the web using a browser. Reporting from the field is done using any smartphone (iOS, Android, Windows).


Producers of curtains and curtains accessories for all kinds of solutions such as decorative, dim-out/black-out and etc.
Our factory produce all kind of blinds such as roller blinds, Venetian, romans, verticals, zebra. Motorized or manual to your choice

HAC – Herzliya Accelerator Center

Herzliya Accelerator Center, which was chosen as the Most Innovative Program in 2017, focus on Smart Cities developments.
An exclusive Municipality initiative, where startups enjoy access to the Municipality database, to heads of departments, an opportunity to conduct a POC as well as top-notch mentors, leading figures on the advisory board, and international cooperation.

Each wave conducts together with leading organization in their fields.


About the company: We are a start-up business which creates real estate simulations using a virtual reality engine. We transform each client’s blueprints into a virtual world, which he can then travel through freely.

The homes and apartments can be designed, decorated, and altered as per the client’s desires, allowing each individual to truly see and feel the changes they are considering before making them.

Temech Y.G. Engineering Co

The company provides Project Management Services in Construction, Infrastructure and Development for municipalities, local authorities and government organizations.

Design management, execution management and in situ engineering supervision. Total management of the projects.

HITO Systems

HITO Systems provides real time monitoring software for ongoing tasks and programs for cities and communities.
HITO Systems solutions help municipalities streamline processes, reduce costs, improve performance while ensuring compliance with regulatory and voluntary standards.

Our software supports management and monitoring of all areas of municipality activities, including: gardening, cleaning, maintenance, education, safety, waste and recycling, water, street lights etc. HITO simplifies compliance with permits & reporting requirements, eliminating duplication of work and incomplete information. HITO’s app is available on IOS and ANDROID as well as supporting multi-lingual environment.


OUTDOOR is the only company in Israel providing full-spectrum logistic solutions for mass outdoor events and construction sites,
acting either as a direct supplier or as a partner.

OUTDOOR provides different types of pedestrian barriers, for effective crowd control Moreover, Outdoor specializes in supplying temporary fencing systems for safety at mass public events and on construction sites.
OUTDOOR also plans and constructs field logistic areas for companies who carry out on-field projects e.g. construction of new roads, solar fields, agricultural projects, oil/water, temporary military and U.N. logistic sites.

Hadar Stabilization and Landscaping Ltd.

Hadar was founded in 1976 and is operating in the green industry since then.
Since 1990 Hadar Stabilization Systems & Landscaping Ltd. provides solutions in the fields of soil stabilization, erosion control, landscaping restoration and revegetation.

In the last decade Hadar also supplies solutions in cities for trees habitat and sustainable drainage systems. Hadar is considered to be the leading company in Israel in these fields.


SHIR HASFARI – Video branding for Municipalities
Shir Hasfari is an expert in branding cities and municipalities, by producing short films/videos, showing the advantages of each municipality briefly and clearly.

Call Yachol

the first company of its kind in the world, specializes in setting up outsourced call centers staffed mainly by people with disabilities. The company vision of the founders was to revolutionize the employment of people with disabilities in Israel and then the world.

As of 2018, the company employs 230 people, most (65%) with severe physical, emotional, and sensory disabilities, making it the biggest employer of people with disabilities in the Israeli open market and the biggest social business of its kind in the world.

ELTAM Ein-Hashofet

ELTAM Ein-Hashofet is a pioneering company (established in 1967), that illuminates the future of lighting technology with energy efficient, durable and high-quality products and solutions for lighting applications.

With its in-house R&D division, ELTAM continue to engineer advanced custom LED solutions for its customers.


Forum-Shtil Company was established in 1995.
The company is involved in the maintenance and construction of gardens in the municipal sector

The company employees are the best professionals in the field of gardening.
The company employs more than 250 employees spread all over the country.
Forum-Shtil is engaged in maintenance plant gardens in cities throughout the country from Eilat in the South to the North of Katzrin

Golan Solar

Golan Solar has been managing, advising and supervising solar projects since 2010
we have a wide experience and knowledge of the latest technology, and the most productive way to install it.

Among our clients are many factories, municipal authorities, privet houses, warehouses and many more. Our knowledge assists us to choose the exact specification that suits our clients and make .sure the installation is standing in our high standards and schedule.

Uriel Wexler Consultants Ltd

Uriel Wexler Consultants Ltd is a boutique Consulting firm, focusing on supplying its clients with added value Financial, Economic and Tax consulting services and assisting Business Ventures development.

Colmobil Group

The Colmobil Group exclusively represents four leading brands: Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Mitsubishi Motors and Hyundai. Colmobil imports private and commercial vehicles, as well as trucks and buses to Israel.

Colmobil has 10 showrooms and 59 service centers across the country. Colmobil provides its customers with a variety of comprehensive and professional services which we call “Colmobil 360”. These include selling new models, financing services, insurance services and buying and selling services. Colmobil also provide the highest quality service at the service centers.

Arad Group

A world leader in the field of water measurement solutions and services, the Arad Group specializes in designing, developing and manufacturing high-quality meters, automatic meter reading (AMR) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems and advanced MDM systems and technologies.


In municipal gardening and tree care department required daily work . to deal with the trees in the urban space, which requires managing the trees and treating them with careful review and individual treatment and in a professional manner.

Madey Vered

Madey Vered is focused on the development, manufacturing, and marketing of innovative water measuring solutions.
We manufacture a wide range of water meters, suitable for various applications.

The product portfolio includes domestic water meters for residences, bulk water meters, combination water meters, as well as complex, tailor-made water meters.
The company was founded in 1982 and is a subsidiary of Gaon Group.

Mottech Water Solutions Ltd.

Worldwide master-distributor of Motorola Solutions.
Mottech Water Solutions Ltd. is a worldwide master-distributor of Motorola Solutions.

Our solutions are based on Motorola’s well proven IRRInet platform supervised by the advanced central control system – ICC PRO
Mottech provides advanced remote monitoring & control solutions for diverse markets and applications including Agricultural irrigation, Turf & Landscaping Irrigation, Water Distribution, and Municipal Water Control.


It is a better city when you can spend more time outdoors…
Danpel has developed shading and roofing solutions that meet the needs of the environment and are adapted to the local climate.


Banarit – is the leading software program for the construction industry, operates in a cloud environment and provides a complete project management solution.

Eneltec ltd.

Eneltec was established in 2008 and is located in the city of Netanya in the center of Israel.
Eneltec design and manufacture:
• Energy saving systems intended for individual energy saving for existing fixtures that include the magnetic ballast, igniter and power factor correction capacitor.

• Street light management systems for HID&LED Luminaries, based on PLC, DALI & RF communication.
• General lighting control systems based on DALI communication.
• Protection devices for LED Luminaries such as Over Voltage Protection (up to 440VAC) and Inrush Current Limiter.
• DALI communication infrastructure such as Power supply, Repeater and Master devices.

The Shlomo “Cheech” Lahat Institute for Local Government

The Institute for Local Government was founded at Tel-Aviv University’s Department of Public Policy, Faculty of Social Sciences, in 2012, with the intention of creating new and relevant knowledge regarding local government; and becoming a focal point for training civil servants who serve in high management positions in local government.

The institute is headed by Israel’s former Minister of the Interior, Ophir Pines-Paz.
The Institute has five main fields of operation: Academic teaching; research and policy papers; professional training and seminars; projects and urban entrepreneurship; and the Local Government Leadership Forum.

YSB Group

YSB Group is one of the largest construction, infrastructure, and technology group of companies in Israel. The Group, which has been operating in the municipal sector for over 40 years, is presenting its innovative solutions for “Smart Cities” in the field of traffic and parking control and enforcement systems,

smart lighting and smart pole, water leak detection and trenchless pipe rehabilitation, cyber for city infrastructure, and waste management solutions.


Erco, a market leader, distributor, stockiest and importer of electrical supplies in Israel, serves four main markets: Infrastructure, Industrial, commercial and residential. The company was founded in 1984. The once 40m² store in downtown Tel Aviv now operates throughout Israel with a network of 14 branches, employs over 350 people.

With branches from the far north down south, service is offered to electrical contractors, government and public institutions and various companies, in addition to a trade floor for private clients occupied by technical professionals providing both sales and technical assistance. The main offices of the Company include technical departments for various fields: Electrical Cables, Technical Lighting, Residential switch based products and electrical supplies for Industrial purposes. Each field is lead by an Engineer offering support to industrial, commercial and infrastructure projects. Erco is a national leader in the field of electrical supplies mainly due to the vast technical knowledge, innovative attitude and excellent service.


Gal-Or, a young and dynamic company, brought to Israel a range of high-quality solar lighting solutions without completely electricity!
Large variety of lighting fixtures for outdoor lighting – gardens, walkways, agricultural areas,

public facilities, buildings, cemeteries, security facilities as well as street lighting and roads.
We are proud to invite you and be impressed from our unique products!


Taldor, founded in 1986, quickly became one of Israel’s leading IT companies. We design, develop and provide complete business and technological solutions in Israel, specializing in the world of Software, infrastructure, hardware, business operations, IT professionals, self-service Kiosks and support.

With a workforce of over 2,200 professionals, strategic international partnerships and a local understanding of our client’s unique needs – we will partner to achieve success.

Musical Garden

Musical Garden was established in order to raise awareness to musical instruments and to initiate social interactions through music.
We specialize in building outdoor musical gardens, melodic playgrounds and interactive instruments,

for the benefit of local municipalities, schools, kindergartens and public spaces.

D.O.G Solar

D.O.G. Solar company present a unique solar lighting system which include:
Cylindrical Photo-voltaic panel, Control and command remote system
with a camera that records the kighting space.

There are three models:
Street lighting
Lighting parks
Road lighting


Air Pollution Measurement
Storm water Management
Source Separate Organic solutions
In-vessel Composters
Weather Stations and sensors


AVIV AMCG is a leading consulting and management group in Israel focusing on 4 areas of expertise: Management Consulting, Environmental planning, Project management, Urban and Physical planning

We assist our clients as they address management challenges from the strategic phase, through successful implementation. AVIV AMCG DNA based on proven abilities to bring the organization to result oriented breakthrough.

Bike Israel Cycling Ltd

Bike Park Israel design and build Bike parks, pump tracks, and Singletracks all over Israel
We have built 30 projects, Many Pump tracks, and over 210 km of single tracks!

We are also organizing Cycling events, tours, and races on road and offroad mountain bikes
Welcome to visit our Facebook page – Bike Park Israel. Bike Trails. Cycling events
Doron Amitz – Bike Park Israel owner. Ex. Israel mountain bike Champion.

proMixed & VRAlly

Providing Virtual / Augmented reality & 3D solutions for education.
Advanced learning contents, equipment and virtual reality environments.

Advanced content creation in augmented, virtual and mixed reality environments: consultation and management of turnkey solutions, marketing solutions, simulations and platforms development via innovative technologies.


DAKTEL, a pioneer and significant player in personal security systems and equipment.

We designed, developed and manufactured advanced mobile and home communication, managing, control-monitoring system and APP’s for personal security anytime, anywhere.
Recently DAKTEL presented myhomefone™ (MHF) concept which will market worldwide under franchises


INTRODUCTION – SID (Sustainable & Innovative Design) Center
SID Center has been developed by A.U.S aiming to inspire the use of innovative technologies and sustainable materials,

and demonstrate their proper integration in buildings and urban development. SID-center brings together a verity of professionals from the building and design sectors and delivers simple, clear information on ‘Sustainable & Innovative Design’. SID acts also as an innovation accelerator and a living lab for new technologies for the built environment.


TRITEIA by Treitel Chemical Engineering – Changing the Chlorination Rules
Smart and Accurate Systems for Dissolving Granular Chlorine for drinking water.

TriteiaTM is a new chemical dissolving solution that brings unprecedented accuracy, control capabilities and process quality to the field of water treatment with unique and specially designed functions for drinking water chlorination.
Triteia was developed by Treitel Chemical Engineering, a market leader in the water treatment field in Israel.

Automation Technologies Group

The company develops and implements computerized systems for the local authorities and other public institutions. It also provides ongoing consultation and guidance in all matters relating to the development, implementation and operation of IT systems.

The company employs approximately 500 knowledge and experience rich Software professionals.
They provide tailored – all around – multi-disciplinary computerization solutions, as required by the municipal councils.

PSI ecology ltd

Established in 2000
Industry leader in manufacturing and marketing of underground bins
Develops and provides “databin”- smart system for optimize and manage waste disposa.

Big Ass Fans

Over the last 19 years, the Big Ass Fans company has designed and sold over 200,000 fans worldwide to increase comfort and reduce energy cost.

Using their immense size and patented airfoil design, these industrial fans move massive volumes of air using low-horsepower motors.
Big Ass Fans provide a low cost cooling solution in the summer, coupled with the ability to reduce a building’s energy consumption in the winter through heat recirculation.


Sightvision specializes in providing solutions in the field of geographic information services. The company has a complete production platform starting from aerial photography,

information gathering, processing raw materials, and software of geographical information systems tailored to customer, job preparation products according to customer requirements, support services and maintenance of systems and products.

Peltours Insurance Agencies Ltd.

Peltours Insurance Agencies Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of Migdal Holdings & Management of Insurance Agencies Ltd.


Electra has been leading the air conditioning field in Israel for over 70 year.
It owns the largest air conditioning producing factory in the Middle East and has international activity that includes exports to Europe.

Electra produces and exports heat pumps and mini central systems, imports and markets “Daikin”, the world’s leading company for air conditioning and climate solutions, and accompanies leading construction companies pertaining to vast activities vis-à-vis local municipal institutions, government ministries and the IDF.
The company leads with technological innovation, maintains international standards and a wide array of products, and provides after sale services to 1.4 million customers.
In 2016 Electra won first place in a customer service competition by the Israeli management center in the service category as a strategic partner, for the “Electra-Pro professional service for pros”.

Water For Nature

Israel’s leading specialists in:
1. Green drainage
2. Development and application of innovative, biological, high-flow water treatment systems
3. Design of ecological parks and river restoration

Helps municipalities to save millions $$$
Our unique technology helps municipalities by saving millions of Dollars in irrigation, solving drainage issues, turning inconveniences into valuable resources, creating attractive ecological parks for the benefit of the residents.

GIV Solutions

GIV-SOLUTIONS provides high quality organizational solutions focusing especially on Service
Oriented Enterprises and Organizations, with Intensive and Critical Infrastructure.

This includes: Cities, Local Government and regional organizations, Education, Training, R&D Campuses, Hospitals, Hospitality, Water & Sewage. Energy Production, Transportations & Transportation Infrastructure, Railways and Metro, Ports and Facility Management.
GIV developed GIV-CITY ™. A platform for smart city management.

Rishon sheds Ltd.

We offer a wide range of shading solutions in precise thought and planning, which has been the fruit of years of knowledge and experience.

Our company provides unique solutions and design solutions that enable design flexibility without compromise on quality.
Our company prepared to provide solutions and ideas for projects of any size and serves many private, business and institutional clients throughout the country.

Tozeret Ha’aretz

“Tozeret Ha’aretz is an organization that was established in 2012 in order to create communities that would move to Israel’s socio-geographic periphery and plant their roots.

The organization coordinates about 600 students and young families that have taken up residence in nine cities and towns across the country. In recent years, the organization has established over 40 different residential groups, preschools for the children born to graduates of the program, and dozens of social and business ventures in the towns where it operates. In 2018, Tozeret Ha’aretz operates communities in Kryat Smona, Tibirias, Pardes Katz (Beney-Brak), Kriyat Malachi, Rahat, Sderot, Netivot, Kibutz Nahal-Oz and Lod”